Front Nine

Front Nine Holes

Hole 1 – Oak

A downhill tee shot leaves a short iron to a green protected by a large Oak tree. The bigger hitters can attempt to drive the green but beware of the out of bounds on the right!

350 yards (Blue Tees)
340 yards (White)
306 yards (Yellow)
295 yards (Red)

Hole 2 – Ponder

Only a short iron is required to a virtual island green, block the water out of your mind and you’ll be rewarded with a birdie opportunity.

146 yards (Blue)
133 yards (White)
123 yards (Yellow)
117 yards (Red)

Hole 3 – Chicane

A well position tee shot to a tree lined fairway leaves an imposing second shot over two lakes to a raised green. A par here is well deserved.

414 yards (Blue)
404 yards (White)
397 yards (Yellow)
381 yards (Red)

Hole 4 – Barns

A short dogleg left to right. An iron off the tee will leave a short iron to a large green protected by three large bunkers. The more aggressive can hit driver but beware of the out of bounds to the left!

336 yards (Blue/White)
327 yards (Yellow)
310 yards (Red)

Hole 5 – Plain

A long par 4 with two large well positioned bunkers off the tee. Finding the fairway is a must with a long second shot to the green. One of the most difficult holes on the course.

453 yards (Blue/White)
416 yards (Yellow)
401 yards (Red)

Hole 6 – Waterloo

A drive over an Oxbow lake to a fairway protected by a large bunker on the left. The green is cut into a hill resulting in the most challenging putting surface on the course. Big hitters will attempt to hit it in two but will be left a very awkward approach if the green is missed.

520 yards (Blue/White)
510 yards (Yellow)
481 yards (Red)

Hole 7 – Double Ditch

A lay up tee shot in front of two ditches leaves a mid iron to a green protected by a lake and two bunkers. This hole will test your accuracy.

422 yards (Blue)
363 yards (White)
359 yards (Yellow)
325 yards (Red)

Hole 8 – Moguls

A tough two tiered green is protected by water on the left and a bunker on the right. A tee shot nestling in the middle of the green is a welcome sight on any day.

173 yards (Blue)
164 yards (White)
135 yards (Yellow)
117 yards (Red)

Hole 9 – Suggestions

An uphill tee shot on this long par 4 must stay clear of the copse of trees on the right. This leaves a testing uphill second to a green protected by a bunker on either side. A great hole.

435 yards (Blue)
426 yards (White)
386 yards (Yellow)
370 yards (Red)