Membership Referral Scheme 2018 / 2019

Published July 9, 2018

This year a new referral scheme has been put in place for members to take advantage of.

For any of your friends or family who you know are wishing to join a new club,if you refer them to us here at Dudsbury and they then join for the year the following rewards will be given to you as a member

One referral

10% off

Membership renewal for 2019/2020

Two referrals

20% off

Membership renewal for 2019/2020

Three referrals

30% off

Membership renewal for 2019/2020

Terms & Conditions

The Membership referral scheme is only applicable for members that refer potential members for either FULL 7 Day Membership, 5 Day Membership or INTERMEDIATE Membership.

The scheme will run all year but after April 31st 2018 those members that refer a new member being charged a pro rata membership fee must join the following year to qualify toward the scheme.

If any member introduces more than 3 new members the rate of discount will increase 10% per new member ie 4 referrals 40%, 5 referrals 50% etc.

A form must be filled out by the referring member with details of the new member which can be obtained at the Golf Reception.